french ratatouille

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Naturally gluten-free

Our vegetables are cooked one after the other, then gently stewed together with garlic, basil and olive oil. This is the traditional recipe of fried eggplants, zucchini, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and olive oil.

Gluten-free - 100% vegan ingredients (salt excepted)

Nutritional values

Calories 196
Calories from fat 120
Carbohydrate 11
Total fat 13
Saturated fat 1,8
Dietary fiber 5
Sugars 9
Protein 5
Salt 2
Tomatoes*, zucchini*, eggplant*, red bell peppers*, onions*, extra virgin cold-pressed sunflower oil*, unrefined sea salt, extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil* (0.3%), garlic*, oregano*, thyme*, basil*.

*Product of France, certified organic by Ecocert France
Serve this ratatouille hot, with a grain or a grilled meat, or cold on crackers. Suggested drink: grape juice.
This ratatouille is a typical must-have dish from the South East of France, which we took pleasure in cooking. It shares some of our culinary traditions with all lovers of authentic cuisines.