A cuisine that loves life

A cuisine that loves life

Strong, simple and true values

KARINE & JEFF JEFF is a united family and enterprise around its two co-founders and directors for the love of life and of everything that makes it as beautiful and balanced as possible.

Our dishes reflect this philosophy: they express our attachment to a tasty cuisine, a healthy lifestyle and our openness to the world.

The authentic taste of nature

To make a good dish, you first need good ingredients. That is why we select the ingredients for our dishes with the greatest care.

All the ingredients we use come from organic farming. Most come from local producers from the South-West of France, and are carefully selected in order to ensure their taste truly contributes to our recipes’ balance.

The cooking and conservation processes that we have developed in our Revel production site – pots and pans specifically designed for us, low temperature steam cooking, respect of individual cooking times for each ingredient… - enable us to retain the full flavors and qualities of these exquisite products.

Health is on the plate

We are convinced that one’s healthy eating habits is the key to a balanced lifestyle.

We solely use ingredients sourced from organic farms that we cook with care, with no added sugar, thickeners, flours or starch, to fully preserve their nutritional qualities and let them express their true nature.

Our location at the foot of the Black Mountains enables us to use the very pure water from the regional Natural Park of Haut Languedoc.

To protect this water, control our energy consumption and bring a better working environment to our team, we have equipped our premises with energy savers, collectors and thermal exchangers, and have fitted them to use as much natural light as possible.

From the field to the plate, everything has been considered to ensure that our dishes offer well-being as well as flavor.

A kitchen as large as the world

Because we like to share our passions, we want to offer our clients authentic and tasty cooked dishes, just as we like them ourselves.

We thus bring the greatest care to the development of our recipes, combining traditional know-how to the originality of our own creative touch, for a product range that a witness to both our attachment to our region and our love of traveling.

Among the 120 of product references that we offer today, you will find dishes from our region – traditional soups, vegetable purees, cereals, vegetables in their natural juice, as well as recipes that we brought from our many journeys – Italy, Antilles, Latin America, India, Africa…

In order to constantly grow our palette of flavors we create ten new dishes every year.

Dishes from here and faraway, developed with high quality ingredients, pure water and transformative cooking methods, all designed to enhance the flavors and respect the biological balances… A recipe for happiness!

An organic commitment certified by the Ecocert label

We have always only cooked products using ingredients from organic farming. This commitment, based on our belief in healthy and beneficial eating habits, is guaranteed by the Ecocert label.