An authentic taste

An authentic taste

Flavors from here and abroad

We are a family-owned business that offers a wide range of packaged, ready-to-eat dishes based on cereals, vegetables and legumes.

We are based in Revel, in the heart of the Lauragais, a region of the southwest of France that honors both the quality of its products and the art of fine cuisine.

We are avid travelers eager to discover the culinary traditions from around the world and to share them with our clients, which we consider part of our family.

Our dishes reflect who we are: generous, healthy and tasty. They display the true taste of our native land – as well as that of the faraway places we love.

A complete product range

We offer a large range of organic cooked products, in glass jars and containers – soups, vegetable purées, regional recipes, world recipes, ravioli, tomato sauce, legumes, etc.

Using exquisite ingredients and cooking methods that respect their natural flavors, our recipes offer balanced meals available in different packaged sizes.

Naturally organic

We developed our company in the spirit of simple and obvious values: a passion for travel, family, healthy and tasty food. Well-being and the respect of the environment are naturally at the very core of our activity.

With this in mind, we cook organic products sourced from regional producers, with no added sugars, no thickeners and using transformation processes that fully preserves the taste and nutritional qualities of our ingredients (low temperature cooking, natural light, water recycling …).

Our Ecocert certification is the expression of our commitment.

Fifteen years and more of happiness…

In 2000, we founded the company LE BONHEUR EST DANS LE POT (Happiness is in the Jar) in Jegun in the Gers (southern France). Using rudimentary tools, we managed to develop an original range of products that enabled us to build a strong regional reputation.

In 2002, we moved to Toulouse, in the Borderouge district. Our products then became available across France; furthermore, we started building a clientele and distributors in Switzerland, the Nordic countries, Belgium, Spain, Ukraine, Russia…

In 2011, to further develop our company, we moved to Revel and joined the Bio Vallée Lauragais, a group of local producers and entrepreneurs focused on furthering the development of the regional agricultural economy and organic food industry.

At the foot of the Black Mountains (a National Park renowned for its exceptional water sources), we built our own production unit, using custom-designed and environmentally friendly equipment to cook our dishes in the best possible conditions, while providing our team with the most comfortable working conditions.

In 2013, we opened our first restaurant and food outlet. Managed by Manuel, the eldest of the family’s seven children, this friendly gourmet venue provides us with the opportunity to meet and exchange views with our clientele.

In 2016, we started a new chapter to our story (opening of other restaurant and food outlets, development of international markets…). We adopted new brand name and will now be called KARINE & JEFF.

During these fifteen years, we have made changes to adapt to new challenges, however we have also remained committed to our underlying nature: that of a family-business, enjoying life, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a know-how dedicated to flavors and well-being.