An organic brand that puts on a big feast

An organic brand that puts on a big feast

A success track on a happy tune

Le Bonheur est dans le Pot (Happiness is in the Jar) brand was born in 2000. Following a long journey, Karine and Jeff want to develop an authentic company. Enriched by their culinary experiences around the world, they wished to develop recipes using organic ingredients and offer them to their clients as ready-to-eat dishes.

The idea came as they were crossing the border from Morocco to Mali. But if their thoughts were clearly mapped out, the marketing plan were not yet drawn. The brand name would later come up over the course of a conversation.

One day, Karine speak on the phone with a Swiss friend. He has finally managed to reach her, as she and Jeff have retired from the civilized world in order to think through their entrepreneurial project and have stopped giving news to their close ones. The man on the phone is excited he was finally able to re-establish contact with Karine and Jeff.

His wife who is taking part in this conversation is equally rejoiced. It is the first time that they had spent such a long time with no news of the French couple they befriended during Karine and Jeff’s second journey around the world! The Swiss and French travelers used to always exchange about their respective journeys and had never stopped exchanging letters.

Karine and Jeff’s sudden silence, after they settled in Jegun had started worrying their loyal Swiss friends. We must point out that at the time, The Gers region served as the setting for a French movie production called Le Bonheur est Dans Le Pré (Happiness is in the Field), taking place only a few miles from the couple’s location.

One day, one of these abandoned friends, eager to get news from the French couple picked up the phone and, on a slightly provocative tone asked Karine and Jeff: “So, travels are over? Happiness is in the field?” Karine snapped back at him with her usual vivacity: “No, happiness is in the jar”. The joke remained in her mind long after the telephone conversation…

Soon, it became the key to the burgeoning enterprise, as this little motto perfectly sums up the situation of the young couple who had returned home. The two entrepreneurs could have said « It’s in the bag!”. But they preferred a more delicate and generous wording; Karine and Jeff dreamt of a company that would convey a certain idea of life’s happiness beyond the aspect of cooked dishes: “We wanted a product for our clients that would be far more qualitative than a simple culinary recipe. Happiness is in the Jar conveys a promise to the buyer. I really liked the word Happiness”, Karine recalls. Thus hazard developed the foundations of the brand’s construction.

The enthusiasm that the invented sentence generated with the couple matched the pleasure they felt when developing and preparing the recipes of their cooked dishes. For both Karine and Jeff, cooking is a moment of pure pleasure; in an artistic manner, they play with emotions, memories and sensations to offer flavors that are all the tastier for having been imagined by happy people.

The brand name Happiness is in the Jar highlights, through a metonymy, the content in reference to the container. The transparency of the packaging serves as witness to the product’s quality; thus showing the commitment of its creators. Karine and Jeff decided to focus on glass jars to symbolically convey the message they want to bring to their clientele: be perfectly transparent about the product, not hide anything about its ingredients, since everything is exquisite in its preparation. The glass is a witness of the quality of the dishes, the color underlines the freshness of the ingredients, the transparency reveals that no additive is clouding the substances and altering their taste.

When “Karine & Jeff” rebrand and stand out…

Fifteen years later, the enterprise still conforms to its co-founders’ ethical stance, but the brand has evolved to meet new challenges. It goes beyond happiness, notably in the restaurant and food outlet that opened in 2013 to promote the values of the brand. The international take-off that started in 2007 can enable new conquests. The products have already been successfully introduced in renowned international tradeshows: Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain… and even in Hong-Kong!

Karine and Jeff will soon evolve into true conquistadores. This started through an encounter at a German tradeshow with an American food producer who invited them to participate at the Seafood Market in North America. The couple saw this encounter as a sign of fate.

It just so happens that the family had started crossing the American continent again in 2010; the parents wanted to revisit their youth and share with their children the places they had once loved: California, San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Boston… So, following this professional encounter in Germany in 2014, the couple decided to undertake their first prospective mission in New York, shifting from leisure journeys to business travel. It was a successful trip.

In 2015, they hopped on a plane bound to Los Angeles this time. The results showed immediately upon their return. American organic product distributors loved the range of ready-to-eat cooked dishes. Karine and Jeff then realized they can address the global market, but they must first change the brand name as “Le Bonheur est dans le Pot” can only address French-speaking markets.

What brand name to choose? Running their fast-growing company, Jeff and Karine didn’t really have the time to think it thought. Over the past fifteen years, Karine had built great professional experience, but most importantly, she had collected several awards and rewards for her achievements: Female entrepreneur award, B.R.A. award, national trophy for innovation, Midi-Pyrénées regional export award, etc… This highlights the development of a company which records near 20% annual growth and now achieves three million dollars in revenue. For Karine and Jeff, all these indicators served as a strong sign that it was now time to shift their energy towards the US market.

The production unit has the potential to increase its production capacity by seven-fold… The kitchens established in Revel in 2011 have always impressed by their exemplary cleanliness and quality. Everything was in place thanks to the remarkable work carried out by the founders year after year.

Thus, it is not incongruous that the new brand should adopt the name of its founders. Isn’t Karine and Jeff’s talent behind the birth and growth of the brand, which now aims at becoming a global leader for organic ready-to-eat cooked dishes?

Karine and Jeff, the actors of this success, are now taking the center front row. By lending their first names to the new brand, they are granting it all the human values they carry – respect for the client, high quality standards; but first and foremost, they are engaging in a new challenge: giving their brand a new life abroad while continuing to guarantee the customer that he is at the heart of the development of the company.

Once again, Karine and Jeff are committed to make this endeavor a success.