High quality production

High quality production

Demanding quality and ethics

From the selection of the location of our production unit to that of our cooking processes, we do everything in our power to guarantee the quality of our products.

A perfectly well-suited production site

Our site in Revel has been designed with the desire to be in harmony with the energies of nature and to enable our team to work efficiently in a healthy and comfortable environment.

We established our production unit on a land that had never been farmed before. With the help of an earth radiation specialist, we set it up while taking into consideration telluric currents, underground water and wind influences.

The production unit is located on 1.5 hectares of land (c. 18,000 sq. yards), which includes leisure and gardening spaces. We have planted 700 trees and shrubs that create a natural fence.

In the working spaces, we ensured that natural daylight is available day-round and implemented energy-saving devices.

We put a particular emphasis on hygiene and food safety. Indeed, we have developed an HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), which guarantees perfect control of all physical, chemical and biological risks at all times.

“In house” transformation processes

Our dishes are prepared, cooked and packaged according to processes we have developed in-house to ensure they express all the flavors and preserve all the nutritional qualities of their ingredients.

Our recipes contain ZERO additives, preservatives, artificial aromas or added sugar.

We use a low-temperature steam cooking in order optimize the flavors of each ingredients while preserving to the greatest possible extent the minerals and vitamins. It is also an economical process and guarantees our staff’s safety and comfort.

We carefully monitor the specific cooking time of each ingredient, which is then progressively incorporated into the recipe to obtain an ideal balance.

We take great care of cooking our dishes “just as needed”: We let our products finish cooking naturally during the steam pressurization process. Our dishes are prepared in the most natural and traditional fashion, without overcooking.

State-of-the-art equipment

To ensure optimal quality in the implementation of these processes, we have installed state of the art customized equipment, obtained from a number of high-quality companies.

The pots and pans are custom built according to our specifications by the company Auriol in Marmande (Lot-et-Garonne).

The dosing machines come from Fillpack in Briec (Finistère).

The capping machines come from Massi Courdert in Malemort-sur-Corrèze (Corrèze).

The autoclaves come from Lagarde in Malataverne (Drôme).

Sophisticated thermal exchange and water recycling systems enable us to save on energy and natural resources, in accordance with our personal convictions of respect for the environment.

Through the methods and processes we have developed, our product preparation guarantees both flavor and quality while respecting the environment and preserving the well-being of our employees.