The best from nature

The best from nature

Carefully selected ingredients

Our products’ quality depend first and foremost on the quality of the ingredients we select.

This is why we work very closely with farmers who guarantee we get premium ingredients.

Noble products, all issued from organic farms

All the ingredients we cook with are sourced from organic farms and are selected based on their quality, their flavor, as well as for adhering to our ethical values.

The vegetables we use come from thirty different farmers, most of whom are based in the South-West region, such as the Agribio Union in Salvagnac, in the Tarn county.

We use olive and sunflower oils obtained from producers who share our passion for taste and quality.

For our “recipes from around the world” line, we also use coral lentils from Turkey, quinoa from Bolivia, spices from India, Sri Lanka and Madagascar, all selected using the same stringent criteria.

An organic farmland

We have set up our production facility in Revel, in the vicinity of the Haut Languedoc Natural Regional Park thus benefiting from a privileged location in the midst of a protected site.

Renowned from its exceptional purity, the water from the Black Moutains plays a key role in the preparation of our recipes and in the quality of our steamed cooking.

In the Bio Vallée Lauragais association, we share with farmers and producers of our region a common passion for the development of organic ingredients and the respect of the environment.

We cook using the best organic farming products available and the purest water to be found in France.