lentils creole style

Packaging : 17.6 oz
USDA Organic Logo vegan

Naturally gluten-free

A complete sweet and sour dish of yellow lentils cooked with onions, bell peppers, potatoes, tomatoes and pineapple, lightly seasoned with ginger: the West Indies on your plate!

Gluten-free - 100% vegan ingredients (salt excepted)

Nutritional values

Calories 107
Calories from fat 9
Carbohydrate 18
Total fat 1
Saturated fat 0,1
Dietary fiber 4,5
Sugars 6,5
Protein 4,5
Salt 0,8
Yellow lentils* (20%), red bell peppers*, onions*, potatoes*, pineapple*, tomatoes*, extra virgin cold-pressed sunflower oil*, unrefined sea salt, garlic*, turmeric*, thyme*, ginger*.

*Product of France, certified organic by Ecocert France
Serve hot, with a grain such as a turmeric rice or with a fresh fruit salad. Suggested drink: coconut water.
Born from our imagination and inspired by our remote ancestry, this recipe invites your taste buds to a marvelous journey in the heart of the West Indies!