vegetables indian style

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Naturally gluten-free

A recipe full of all the flavors of India: zucchini, small peas, tomatoes, potatoes and bell peppers, gently cooked with a carnival of herbs and spices.

Gluten-free - 100% vegan ingredients (salt excepted)

Nutritional values

Calories 97
Calories from fat 18
Carbohydrate 4
Total fat 2
Trans fat 1
Saturated fat 0,3
Dietary fiber 5,5
Sugars 5,5
Protein 4,5
Salt 1
Zucchini*, tomatoes*, potatoes*, French peas*, red and green bell peppers*, extra virgin cold-pressed sunflower oil*, coriander*, cumin*, fenugreek*, ground pepper*, cinnamon*, cardamom*, unrefined sea salt.

*Product of France, certified organic by Ecocert France
Warm up before serving. You can enjoy these vegetables with a curried rice and a rose tea, or simply with a seasonal salad. They can also accompany a grilled meat.
Our desire to propose a vegetarian cuisine, with flavors from all over the world, gave birth to this recipe of Indian-style vegetables: a delicious invitation to a journey …
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